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  • Optimum environmental and financial solution
  • Decommissioning of assets
  • Full asset tracking
  • Return of resale value or exchange for new equipment

As TV stations and production companies face the ever-present challenge of bringing their technology up to speed with professional standards, ES Broadcast is able to effectively decommission old systems and reduce the cost of deploying new technology, by releasing the residual value of obsolete infrastructure.

Due to strict European regulations, old kit cannot simply be thrown out which can make disposal a time-consuming and costly exercise. Furthermore, not all products may be end-of-life; some may still be covered by on-going maintenance agreements so even after decommissioning they can eat into limited budget. We arrange the complex technology transitions and enable customers to make old equipment pay for new.

A comprehensive and transparent decommissioning service

  1. The process starts with a technical evaluation of all used equipment and an estimated purchase price is determined.
  2. The entire inventory is removed from site by our team, so the customer does not have to spend costly man-hours trying to sell or dispose of individual items or prepare clean-site access for the new system build.
  3. All sellable equipment is returned to ES Broadcast, where it undergoes a thorough quality assessment and if necessary, repair or reconditioning.
  4. The company will safely dispose of any kit of no-economic sale value, in accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, and the cost of removal will be deducted from the final offer to the customer.

Special Offers

Canon CN7x17 copy

Canon CN7x17 KAS S/P1
£20,500 (ex vat)



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